Wet Materials

Some fun look-dev for wet materials. I wanted to learn some of the more cinematic tools of Unity, including the timeline, cinemachine cameras, vfx-graph, and raytracing.

Rain textures were made in substance designer using my own poisson and cellular fractal nodes, along with a bunch of custom functions. I also created a raymarch steam shader using the brilliant 3D texture functionality in Unity, which allowed me to bake out 2D noise textures using a 3D manifold grid in substance designer to render volume noises. I also created a mask for the car by creating a volume from the car model in Houdini and exporting them with the 'Labs export volume texture export' node (super useful!).

I was able to animate the wet shader in the Unity timeline by following this excellent tutorial by GameDevBill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5jl5RVEjqE

Car model from turbosquid

Music used: Snowfall by Onehart, Miami Showdown by Digitalism

A quick behind-the-scenes