Graphics Coding

The following videos are demonstrations of some of the GLSL shader code I've created in the last couple of years at Pixar. The code is being executed in a custom proprietary tool created by an awesome software engineer, Kees Rijnen, that allows artists and coders to create fragment, vert, tessellation and compute shaders. By defining input parameters at the top of the shader, artists can create a set of controls for modifying all kinds of patterns in real-time. Each shader appears as a node in the graph and outputs a texture (or multiple textures) that can then be connected to other nodes to create complex patterns similar to the workflows in Substance Designer. This tool has since become a more fully featured and integrated tool in our shading pipeline at Pixar, which we now call 'Motif' and we use it not only to generate cool patterns for use in our procedural shaders but also as a look-dev tool.